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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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Did you like it?
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DownThemAll: Contacts

We need your help.

We take your impressions into great consideration. That’s why we have created a direct line between you and us. Here’s a list of coordinates to contact us, depending on your needs:

DownThemAll! Bugs report –

Have you encountered any anomalous behaviors using dTa? We strongly recommend you to post a report on our Bugzilla account.

DownThemAll! Translators –

Do you want to help dTa grow? If it’s not yet available in your language, you may consider making a translation.
If you want to help us, register on Babelzilla and check if your language still needs a translation. For further information contact us at

DownThemAll! Press Office –

If you’re interested in writing/publicizing/reviewing our extension on your book/magazine/website, thanks in advance. Let us know by dropping a line at

DownThemAll! Informations and general support –

For general enquiries please use this address.
Before writing, we recommend you to read thoroughly our FAQs and HowTos, as they may already contain the answers to your questions.
If you don’t get a reply as soon as you would like, please forgive us, but keeping dTa always updated and reliable takes quite a lot of our time. If you need a ‘premium’ support, please consider making a donation, and you’ll get the e-mail address destined specifically to our donors, where you’ll surely obtain an answer in a shorter amount of time.