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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: News

Beta The Third August 27, 2019

Update: Forth Beta

Here is the third beta version of DownThemAll! 4, the WebExtension.

Among the important changes and bugfixes are:

  • Fix OneClick behavior
  • The button is now a popup menu, but can be configured to be OneClick instead
  • All Tabs actions
  • Support for custom translations and live reloading of translations. This will not help most people but will enable people wanting to translate DTA
  • Other minor cleanups and improvements

Thanks to everybody who reported a bug or suggested a feature!

To install, click downthemall-4.0.3b3.xpi

It is signed by mozilla, so the browser will check if the file is valid, but NOT reviewed other than their automatic reviews.

Please do report bugs and feature requests. But please refer to the TODO list before submitting any feature requests to avoid duplicates.

There are admittedly a lot of features missing that the original DownThemAll! had. Some will come back, others will not as the WebExtension system mozilla forced on the world does not allow for a lot of the advanced stuff.

Please note: I did not add a way for it to update itself. So there are future beta versions, you will have to check back here and update yourself. Also note that once I release a final DownThemAll! 4 it will install alongside the beta.

The final release will happen shortly. Probably in a week, depending on the feedback and bugs you report. This is a rather short beta period, but I want to avoid putting off the release for too long (not years again ;-))

PS: If you’d like to help by translating DownThemAll! to your language, we now have a preliminary Translation Guide.