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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: Batch Downloads/Batch Descriptors

Batch downloads are an easy way to download whole ranges of files.

You simply define where to start, where to end and optionally a stepwidth.

  1. Click Add URL(s) button available from the Manager window
  2. Fill in URL, renaming mask, download folder and optionally a referrer.
  3. Modify your URL to use batch descriptors as described below.
  4. Feel free to add even more batch descriptors, but keep in mind that downloading huge ammounts of files will slow down DownThemAll! and overall performance.

Batch descriptors

A batch descriptor might look as following:

Variable Meaning
start Either a number or a single character saying where to start the range.
end Either a number or a single character saying where to end the range. dTa! will process that range inclusive end.
step Use this to define which items between start and end you would like to download.

start and end must be of the same type (numerical, lowercase character, uppercase character).


These batch descriptors will work.

Descriptor Result
[1:100] 1 to 100
[01:100] 01 to 100
[001:100] 001 to 100
[1:100:2] 1, 3, 5, …
[0:100:3] 0, 3, 6, …
[-100:100] -100, -99, …, 99, 100
[100:-5:-1] 100 to -5
[100:-0100:2] 0100, 0098, …, -0099, -0100
[a:z] a to z
[F:K] F to K
[a:e:2] a, c, e

Those won’t work.

Descriptor Result
[1:-100] Negative Range
[1:100:-1] Negative as well
[1:a] Types different
[A:a] Types different
[1:2:a] step must be numeric