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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: DownThemAll! 3.0 Beta 6

DownThemAll! 3.0 Beta 6 was released. It is the sixth preview release of the upcoming new major version 3.0.

Important: Since this Beta version is just a preview version, there might be more bugs than usual, and you should be willing to report any issues you find back to us. We release this Beta version specifically to get feedback from testers early, so that we can fix isues before we release a final version to the masses. If you rely on DownThemAll! in your daily work, you should be extra cautious before upgrading and be prepared to work around problems yourself and/or downgrade DownThemAll! to the stable Release version again yourself.

The file is digitally signed by Nils Maier and has a SHA-1 hash of

The Beta version will update itself should new Beta versions or the final Release version arrive. The updates will be served via a TLS secured connection from our own servers. Once the final version becomes available, updates again will arrive only from the mozilla add-ons site and you will no longer receive further Beta versions, just the regular updates.


DownThemAll! 3.0b6 is compatible with

  • Firefox
  • Seamonkey
    2.32+ (some features not supported)

Major features and improvements

  • Restartless add-on
  • New appearance
  • Completely modernize the code to support and use the latest mozilla features
  • Better platform support
    • Platform-specific theme fixes
    • Per-platform optimized file I/O
    • Improved platform integration
    • First round of HiDPI (Retina) compatibility. Please note that not all icons have been updated yet
  • Finer grained per-domain limits
  • Queue filters and search functionality
  • Various memory usage and load time improvements
  • Mostly asynchronous disk I/O to keep the application windows responsive and snappy
  • Per-window Private Browsing mode support
  • Lightweight-theme support in the manager window (Firefox on Windows Vista/7 only)
  • Full Firefox Aurora support
  • Preliminary e10s (multi process) support. Only multi-process tabs, DownThemAll! will still run in the main process.
  • Countless small features, improvements and fixes

Major changes and known issues

  • “Legacy” Private Browsing Mode support dropped in favor of Per Window Private Browsing Mode, which will be available from Firefox 20 onwards
  • Naming/Renaming individual files directly (without messing with the renaming mask).
  • Slightly changed how filters behave: Whenever a non-regexp filter contains wild-cards, it will match according to an algorithm similar to fnmatch, i.e. the whole URI must match, not just part of it. E.g. “*.jpg” was matching both “somefile.jpg”, “”, but will now only match “somefile.jpg”.
  • The internal APIs have changed. Third party Add-ons interacting with DownThemAll!, such as FlashGot, might not be (fully) compatible yet.
  • Diagnostic Logging consumes a lot more resources now, to support better logs. Unless you’re planning to submit bug reports, please make sure you have Diagnostic Logging disabled.
  • Some preferences have had their descriptive texts and/or location in the Preferences window change. This does not mean these preferences have been removed.
  • Some features are still brand new, such as HiDPI support, e10s support and Per-window Private Browsing support. As such these features have not been thoroughly tested.
  • Translations are not complete at this point.
  • Old Firefox versions, such as Firefox 3.6 and ESR are NOT supported. Forcefully installing the add-on will NOT work, because of missing features in these ancient Firefox versions.
  • Pale Moon is not supported because it is still using an old version code base.
  • The Fast Filtering feature will now test expressions in one go, instead of matching the URL and description separately.

Changes since last Beta

  • Various compatibility fixes for Firefox Nightly and/or Aurora
  • Scheduler fixed
  • fnmatch like filters
  • Some performance improvements
  • Various minor fixes
  • Various other improvements

Thank you…

…for testing this preview release!

Please, as always, file any bugs with our bug tracker.
And if you like this piece of software then please consider making a donation.

If you like to take a stab at fixing something yourself, we’re accepting pull requests or patches at our bug tracker.

Nils Maier – on behalf of the DownThemAll! project